Business Consortium for Arts Support members are businesses and foundations that contribute annually to our Arts Fund.

When they join the Consortium, members pool their financial resources and make an impact on a large number of arts and cultural organizations in a wide range of disciplines — from masterpieces to modern works, from symphony to opera, from dance to children’s theater, and everywhere in between.

By relying on the BCAS’s grant allocation process, the members no longer have to evaluate every request for funding themselves. The BCAS provides a convenient method of business giving by:

  • providing a professional means of coordinating support

  • developing a degree of accountability from the arts organizations

  • evaluating the relative needs and merits of each organization

  • providing a means of giving to a large number of arts groups through a single annual contribution

By joining the BCAS, your contribution is tax-deductible minus the fair market value of any benefits received. Current benefits to members can be found below.

For more information, please contact us.